Assumption Life cracks 15 year term

By | April 2, 2012

For years I’ve been advising folks to pick 10 or 20 year term because they were far and away the most competitive products.  15 year term and 25 year term simply weren’t well priced.

All that has recently changed.   Assumption Life recently repriced their products and have made these products a viable option for those wanting something between 10 and 20 year term, or between 20 and 25 year term.

Here’s an example.  Male Nonsmoker age 50, Female Nonsmoker age 50, $500,000 each.  10 year term rates are at about $95/month viagra cheap online.  20 year term rates are at about $190/month.  Assumption Life’s 15 year term is $127.80.  At that price, it’s a viable option between 10 and 20 year term.  Up until recently, the least expensive 15 year term would’ve been $159/month.

Note that these numbers work best for ages about 45 and older.  At younger ages Assumption doesn’t seem to be overly competitive.

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