Life Insurance for Non-Smokers

By | June 26, 2019

(The information on this page may be out of date, please use with caution).If you’re a nonsmoker, there’s good news. You’re life insurance is likely going to be very inexpensive.

It’s important to note though exactly how life insurance companies define nonsmokers. Generally that means no smoking or tobacco of any sort for somewhere between two and five years. That includes the odd cigar on boys weekends or at Christmas.

Life insurance companies define nonsmokers very narrowly these days. And it’s ultra important for consumers to completely disclose any tobacco or marijuana use when applying for life insurance – even if it’s only once.

Once a policy is issued there’s little an insurer can do to back out of paying a death claim. However fraudulent misrepresentation is one case that they can. If you represent yourself as a nonsmoker on the application and the insurer later finds out that in fact you did smoke they have a very strong case for not paying the death benefit. There’s been cases like this in the past. Instead of your beneficiaries recieving the death benefit they’ll receive a refund of premiums And since you’re no longer around that leaves them in a very uncomfortable spot. So make sure you fully disclose.

If you have smoked recently, but don’t anymore, Equitable Life has a smoker’s incentive program. If you don’t smoke or use tobacco for 12 consective months within two years of the policy being issued they will refund the difference between smoker and nonsmoker rates for that 12 month period back to you and put your rates back down to nonsmoker rates. That makes it ideal for someone who smokes only occassionally – it’s also motivation to quit. Yes, you’ll pay smoker rates for a year but quit completely and you’ll get all your money back.

Of course if you abstain from smoking and tobacco completely then you’re saving money immediately. Nonsmokers typically pay about half of what a comparable smoker would pay for the same amount of life insurance.

Feel welcome to use the quoting system on the right of the page to find out what life insurance for nonsmokers can cost.

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