Ask Me Anything (about life insurance)

Everyone has questions.  Even after an hour of research and reading, sometimes your exact concern just isn’t addressed.  Or, you’re concerned that maybe your situation is just a bit different in a material way.

Well, ask away – don’t hesitate.  I’m a former life insurance advisor (i.e. I no longer sell insurance) with experience across thousands of Canadian consumers.  I’ve been quoted many times in the media because I’m able to explain insurance in understandable terms.  And I’ve been the referral source for life insurance from numerous flat fee financial advisors.  I’d be happy to personally address your question as best I can with no obligation (you can post the question anonymously if you prefer).  

I don’t charge for my opinions, and you should take them at that value. And as I’m no longer licensed, you should also get a second opinion from a licensed entity before depending on it.  And we’ll go ahead and publish both your question and my answer on the website.  

Go ahead – ask me anything (about life insurance, long term disability insurance, and critical illness insurance).

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