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Life Insurance for Non-Smokers

(The information on this page may be out of date, please use with caution).If you’re a nonsmoker, there’s good news. You’re life insurance is likely going to be very inexpensive. It’s important to note though exactly how life insurance companies define nonsmokers. Generally that means no smoking or tobacco of any sort for somewhere between… Read More »

Life Insurance for Smokers

(the information on this page is outdated, please use with caution).If you smoke and are looking to purchase life insurance, you’re going to find that your premiums are roughly double what a non-smoker pays. Why so much? It’s a simple matter of mortality; smokers die earlier than non-smokers. And what qualifies as a smoker these… Read More »

More life insurance price increases

The race to the bottom for permanent life insurance prices continues this week with two more Canadian life insurance companies raising their rates on these products. Empire Life of Kingston Ontario and Waterloo Ontario based Equitable Life have both announced substantial price increases on their permanent life insurance policies, specifically their Term to 100/UL variations.… Read More »

Join the Life Insurance Movement!

An enterprising life insurance broker in the U.S. has pioneered the idea of Wednesday August 2012 as being the first official “Life Insurance Movement” day. That broker, along with over 100 other life insurance brokers who actively blog, are all writing a post on “why life insurance is important for my family”. The intention is… Read More »

Sun Life to increase life insurance rates

Payday loans In an ever widening spiral of life insurance premium increases, Sun Life has just announced the following: Effective September 17, 2012, we’re changing level cost of insurance (COI) rates for Sun UL, Sun UL MAX and Sun Limited Pay Life. We’re also shifting these products to an age nearest pricing basis, to be… Read More »

Another permanent life insurance product bites the dust

payday loans I’ve just received notice (July 17th) that Assumption Life is pulling much of their permanent life insurance products from the market – effective July 23rd.  That’s right, with less than a week’s notice they are pulling their level insurance cost universal life insurance and term 10 products (and a few others). I don’t… Read More »

Dividends on life insurance policies

If you’ve read previous posts on this blog, you’ll notice a continued trend of life insurance companies lowering their dividend scale.  Unwary consumers may not see the impact of this on their life insurance policies immediately, but it can have large and catastrophic effects.  I’m going to cover life insurance policy dividends in four steps;… Read More »

Another rate increase, Industrial Alliance

I can’t keep up with the rate increases!  Only a few hours after RBC announced they were dropping permanent products and increasing rates comes a similiar announcement from Industrial Alliance.  IA will be increasing their premiums for their level universal life product, on average of 8-10% for people under the age of 60.  They’re also… Read More »

Another Term 100 product gone

RBC just announced that they are withdrawing both their Term to 100 life insurance and their Universal Life insurance policies.  Both of these products offered level insurance premiums for life – and they’re no longer available starting June 23.  This is another in a line of insurance companies withdrawing their lower priced permanent life insurance… Read More »

Another dividend decrease

In yet another round of decreases in non-guaranteed attributes of life insurance policies, Equitable Life has just decreased their dividend scale.  From the announcement: Equitable Life’s Board of Directors has approved a reduction in its dividend scale, effective July 1, 2012. The dividend scale reduction is a prudent decision as the prolonged low interest-rate environment… Read More »