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More Universal Life Thoughts

Viagra online I’ve previously commented on Universal Life Insurance but wanted to expand on that a bit. Universal life insurance in Canada belongs to the permanent insurance category. Typically you would consider universal life if you’re looking at life insurance needs for the rest of your life – forever. i.e. you know today you want… Read More »

Five common mistakes when buying life insurance

Viagra Online Here are perhaps the five most common mistakes consumers make when buying life insurance. Avoid them, and you’ll be better off (and have more money in your pocket). Failing to shop around on price. Agents and brokers all have their own favourite companies they promote and sell. But does company matter? For most… Read More »

New AIG 30 year term product with exciting new features.

AIG in Canada has just released a new 30 year term life insurance product that’s very interesting. I’m going to put aside the issue most folks currently have with AIG (given the bailout of their US corporate parent). I would like to preface this with a comment though. I personally prefer 30 year term life… Read More »

Life Insurance Types – Whole Life and Term to 100

This is part 2 in a 3 part article intended to make the types of life insurance less confusing. These three articles should be read in order. Life Insurance Types – Term life insurance Life Insurance Types – Whole Life and Term To 100 Life Insurance Types – Universal Life Insurance (Continued from previous article)… Read More »

Renewable Term Life Insurance – Part III (A warning)

In the first post on this topic I mentioned how the first level period of a term insurance policy is priced using the cheaper ‘select’ table. Future renewals are then priced using the much more expensive ‘ultimate’ rates table. The underlying difference is that the select table rates are for people who have just taken… Read More »

Renewable Term Life Insurance – Part II

In my previous post I discussed how term policies in Canada are technically renewable but the higher renewal premiums mean that for most of us the policy won’t be renewed. Let’s look at what our options actually are upon hitting the first renewal period for your term life insurance policy. You’re healthy and still need… Read More »